Voix de femmes. Anthologie Poèmes et photographies du monde entier

Sous la direction de E. Turgut Poèmes choisis par Lionel Ray From: Tourquoise Quatrième de couverture « Les femmes, je le sais, ne doivent pas écrire ; j’écris pourtant », Marceline Desbordes-Valmore (1786-1859). Cette tension entre la chape de l’interdit et la germination entêtée d’une écriture est au cœur de Voix de femmes, authentique atlas... Continue Reading →

Introduction to the Work of Uygur Poet Bakhtiya

Rozieva, D., & Oldfield, A. (2015). Introduction to the Work of Uygur Poet Bakhtiya. CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture, 17(2), 7. Link Abstract In their article "Introduction to the Work of Uygur Poet Bakhtiya" Dilfuza Rozieva and Anna Oldfield introduce Ilya Bakhtiya's (1932-1987) work. For writers like Bakhtiya, the task was to create a Kazakh Uygur print... Continue Reading →

Ilya Bakhtiya’s Role in Uyghur Poetry

Rozieva, Dilfuza. "Ilya Bakhtiya's Role in Uygur Poetry." Middle East Journal of Scientific Research 20.2 (2014): 144-48. doi: 10.5829/idosi.mejsr.2014.20.02.21053 PDF Abstract Uyghur literature is a part of great Turkic literature, when we research Uyghur literature we have to remember there are two main parts of it, one is Xinjang Uyghur literature, another is Kazakhstani Uyghur... Continue Reading →

Nime by Köresh Kösen

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nghWcE-cS4o   Ah, özemni yolwas dep yürgünüm nime? Chashqangha talinip bolghunum nime? Quyashqa xiris qilip zembirek atqan Qarangghuda nishansiz körgünüm nime? Qarangghuda nishansiz kölgünüm nime? Waxti ötken namazgha kelginim nime? Jan chiqqanda demide berginim nime? Baghwen bolup el ara shöhret tazinip Shaxta tursa méwiler terginim nime? Shaxta tursa méwiler terginim nime? Közi korgha altunni berginim... Continue Reading →

Ana Til Day Poem

I wrote this with my cousin the night before she had to perform it, around 10 pm, after watching Aus v France in the World Cup, cold and tired in a community centre while we waited for P.O.E.T kids to finish practicing their play for the Ana Til Day/Eid celebration. I decided to make it... Continue Reading →


By the way, I published two more poems in a small literary press' website last month but forgot to share the news on this blog. You can check them out here. The first one is kinda about showing East Turkistan like it's in an abusive relationship with China. The second one is about how I... Continue Reading →

Salam Deng

So I asked someone for Uyghur rock song recommendations and she delivered. One of the songs she sent was this one called "Salam" by Tingshighuch (which means earphones haha). She really liked it because the lyrics are actually adapted from a poem by Abdurehim Otkur called Salam Deng. I loved it so much I made a lyric... Continue Reading →

Every morning I wake up and feel like I’ll break down Every night I carry the weight of a million heads bowed down Every day I walk with weights bearing heavy on my chest With the moon filtering upon my face I cannot bare to rest I cannot bare the sunlit paths that I can... Continue Reading →

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