Voix de femmes. Anthologie Poèmes et photographies du monde entier

Sous la direction de E. Turgut Poèmes choisis par Lionel Ray From: Tourquoise Quatrième de couverture « Les femmes, je le sais, ne doivent pas écrire ; j’écris pourtant », Marceline Desbordes-Valmore (1786-1859). Cette tension entre la chape de l’interdit et la germination entêtée d’une écriture est au cœur de Voix de femmes, authentique atlas... Continue Reading →

Uyghur Update: 13th-20th October

I've been sick and stuffy so my brain was also stuffed with phlegm and I haven't been able to get work done. Why is life so busy? Who knows. Why does China continue to be the worst? Allahu a3lam. Let's go! (This will have less of my thoughts and more of just linking to articles).... Continue Reading →

Living Shrines of Uyghur China

Living Shrines of Uyghur China Photographs by Lisa Ross Written by Lisa Ross "Lisa Ross's ethereal photographs of Islamic holy sites were created over the course of a decade on journeys to China's Xinjiang region in Central Asia, historically a cultural crossroads but an area to which artists and researchers have generally been denied access... Continue Reading →

There was a giant squid on a building in Canberra. He looked like he needed a picture taken. Hope he finds it!

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