Local Literatures: Uighur

Zieme, P. (2015). Local Literatures: Uighur. Silk JA-von Hinüber O.-Eltschinger V.(eds.): Brill’s Encyclopedia of Buddhism, 1, 871-882. Link Introduction Although Buddhists were active in the First Turk Empire (552–612 CE), there is scant evidence of the dharma among the Turks during the Second Turk Empire (692–742 CE) and even less during the sub-sequent Uighur Steppe Empire (744–840... Continue Reading →

“Expanded Texts of “Martyrdom”: The Genesis and Development of the Uighur Legend of Abdourahman Han”

By Jun Sugawara: Link Abstract This paper focuses on the genesis and the development of "Abdurrahman Khan", a heroic legend which is currently recognized as one of the masterpieces of Uyghur national oral literature (Uyghur Xelq Khälq EÄghiz ÄEdibiyati). This heroic story is based on a real historical event that occurred in the 1860s. Abdurrahman... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Jade Lord

by Alat Asem (Gheyret Asim) Synopsis Confessions of a Jade Lord immerses us in an underworld peopled by gangsters with their penchant for firewater-fueled storytelling and philosophical reverie, appetite for Uyghur delicacies such as lagman hand-pulled noodles and whole roasted lamb, fierce loyalty to family and aghines, and a willingness to unsheathe their daggers when... Continue Reading →

Social Structure in Zordun Sabir’s Anayurt Novel

Ersöz, D. ZORDUN SABİR’İN ANAYURT ROMANINDA SOSYAL YAPI. Uluslararası Uygur Araştırmaları Dergisi, (9), 41-51. Link Abstract Zordun Sabir, who is one of the important representatives of Contemporary Uyghur Literature, has accomplished great success with his works in terms of language and literary style. He has shown himself in many kinds of literature and has been awarded... Continue Reading →

Introduction to the Work of Uygur Poet Bakhtiya

Rozieva, D., & Oldfield, A. (2015). Introduction to the Work of Uygur Poet Bakhtiya. CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture, 17(2), 7. Link Abstract In their article "Introduction to the Work of Uygur Poet Bakhtiya" Dilfuza Rozieva and Anna Oldfield introduce Ilya Bakhtiya's (1932-1987) work. For writers like Bakhtiya, the task was to create a Kazakh Uygur print... Continue Reading →

Ilya Bakhtiya’s Role in Uyghur Poetry

Rozieva, Dilfuza. "Ilya Bakhtiya's Role in Uygur Poetry." Middle East Journal of Scientific Research 20.2 (2014): 144-48. doi: 10.5829/idosi.mejsr.2014.20.02.21053 PDF Abstract Uyghur literature is a part of great Turkic literature, when we research Uyghur literature we have to remember there are two main parts of it, one is Xinjang Uyghur literature, another is Kazakhstani Uyghur... Continue Reading →

Ana Yurt 1: Chapter 1 c

“Enough!” cried Hashim Pochi[1], a small man with big eyes, “you said he was tall and moustachioed? That’s definitely Amat Oghri[2]!” “No, this is definitely Sapar Oghri!” “Gheni Oghri, definitely. You say he’s tall, who else other than Gheni? There’s no one taller than him in this area.” “No, Gheni won’t go near the houses... Continue Reading →

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