Uighur migration across Central Asian frontiers

Clark, W., & KAMALOV 1, A. B. L. E. T. (2004). Uighur migration across Central Asian frontiers. Central Asian Survey, 23(2), 167-182. Link Introduction At present there are two distinct groups among the Uighurs living in the Ili river valley region of eastern Kazakhstan. The border between China and Kazakhstan intersects the valley that has been the... Continue Reading →

Introduction to the Work of Uygur Poet Bakhtiya

Rozieva, D., & Oldfield, A. (2015). Introduction to the Work of Uygur Poet Bakhtiya. CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture, 17(2), 7. Link Abstract In their article "Introduction to the Work of Uygur Poet Bakhtiya" Dilfuza Rozieva and Anna Oldfield introduce Ilya Bakhtiya's (1932-1987) work. For writers like Bakhtiya, the task was to create a Kazakh Uygur print... Continue Reading →

Ilya Bakhtiya’s Role in Uyghur Poetry

Rozieva, Dilfuza. "Ilya Bakhtiya's Role in Uygur Poetry." Middle East Journal of Scientific Research 20.2 (2014): 144-48. doi: 10.5829/idosi.mejsr.2014.20.02.21053 PDF Abstract Uyghur literature is a part of great Turkic literature, when we research Uyghur literature we have to remember there are two main parts of it, one is Xinjang Uyghur literature, another is Kazakhstani Uyghur... Continue Reading →

Uyghur Update: May 2018

A monthly update... a late monthly update... in my defense there's been a lot of coverage in the media lately...   In the Uyghur Region Forced Marriage Uyghur women are being coerced into marriages with Han Chinese. If they refuse, they and their families may be detained or sent to re-education. This has been covered... Continue Reading →

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