A Nearly Perfect Storm: The Rise and Fall of the Eastern Turkistan People’s Revolutionary Party 

Evans, M. P. (2017). A Nearly Perfect Storm: The Rise and Fall of the Eastern Turkistan People's Revolutionary Party (Doctoral dissertation, Indiana University). Link Abstract In the summer of 1969, China and the Soviet Union teetered at the brink of war. Looking to exploit a perceived vulnerability, Soviets used the language of national liberation to encourage minority peoples along... Continue Reading →


Xinjiang and China’s Rise in Central Asia – A History (2011)

By Michael E. Clarke Summary The recent conflict between indigenous Uyghurs and Han Chinese demonstrates that Xinjiang is a major trouble spot for China, with Uyghur demands for increased autonomy, and where Beijing’s policy is to more firmly integrate the province within China. This book provides an account of how China’s evolving integrationist policies in Xinjiang... Continue Reading →

The Ili Rebellion: Muslim Challenge to Chinese Authority in Xingjiang, 1944-49 (1989)

By Linda K Benson Summary In 1944 Moslem forces in China's westernmost province of Xinjiang rose against the Chinese authorities and succeeded in establishing a small independent Islamic state - the East Turkestan Republic. Based on newly available archival material, this book describes the Moslem challenge to Chinese rule and documents the Nationalist government's response... Continue Reading →

Beyond resistance and nationalism: local history and the case of Afaq Khoja

Thum, R. (2012). Beyond resistance and nationalism: local history and the case of Afaq Khoja. Central Asian Survey, 31(3), 293–310. doi:10.1080/02634937.2012.722366. Link Abstract Kashgar’s seventeenth-century ruler-saint, Afaq Khoja, is remarkable for the amount of historical writing he has inspired, both outside and within Chinese Turkestan. His reputation among Uyghur historians is one of the few... Continue Reading →

The Tashkurgan Uprising in Southern Xinjiang in the 1940s According to the Records of the British and American Diplomats (Part 1)

By Ablet Kamalov: Part 1 Part 2 Introduction In November 1944 a rebellion of local Muslim peoples broke out in three districts of the Xinjiang province of China neighboring Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan –  Ili, Tarbaghatay and Altay, resulted in establishing Eastern Turkistan Republic (ETR, 1944-1949). This unrecognized republic was backed up by the Soviet Union... Continue Reading →

250 Years History of the Turkic-Muslim Camp in Beijing

By Takahiro Onuma for Central Eurasian Research Series No.2, 2009. Link Abstract In the 18th century, the Manchu Qing dynasty (1616-1912) reached its peak under the reign of the sixth emperor Qianlong (1736-95). The empire’s advance into Central Asia during 1755-59, which resulted in the extermination of the Zhungars and the annexation of Eastern Turkistan... Continue Reading →

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