Documentaries & Movies

A List of Short Movies
A List of Short Documentaries
Uyghurs in the News
Chinese Propaganda: Lesson in Forbidden Territory (2014)
Diamond in the Dunes (2009)
Bogha: The Donkey-Pad
Qarangghu Tagh: The Villages Afar
Gherip Senem (1981)
Hard To Believe (2016)
Adrift (2017)
Death on the Silk Road (1999)
The 10 Conditions of Love (2009)
On A Tightrope (2007)
Uyghur Oral History
The Silk Road of Pop (2013)
Uyghurs: Prisoners of the Absurd (2014)
A Journey With Uyghur Women



Uyghur Books Online



Uyghur Nation
The Sacred Routes of Uyghur History

Xinjiang and the Chinese State: Violence in the Reform Era (2018)
Warlords and Muslims in Chinese Central Asia: A Political History of Republican Sinkiang 1911-1949
Pivot of Asia. Sinkiang and the Inner Asian frontiers of China and Russia
Under the Heel of the Dragon: Islam, Racism, Crime, and the Uighur in China
Xinjiang: China’s Muslim Borderland
Foreign Devils on the Silk Road: The Search for the Lost Treasures of Central Asia
Autonomy in Xinjiang: Han Nationalist Imperatives and Uyghur Discontent
Xinjiang and the Modern Chinese State
China’s Forgotten People: Xinjiang, Terror and the Chinese State
Wild West China: The Untold Story of a Frontier Land
Struggle by the Pen: The Uyghur Discourse of Nation and National Interest
Uyghurs and Uyghur Identity
The Uyghurs: Strangers in Their Own Land
The Tree That Bleeds: A Uighur Town on the Edge
Oasis Identities: Uyghur Nationalism Along China’s Silk Road
Uyghur People (???)
Community Matters in Xinjiang, 1880-1949: Towards a Historical Anthropology of the Uyghur
Ethnic Minorities in Xinjiang

Old History

The Mummies of Urumchi
The Tarim Mummies: Ancient China and the Mystery of the Earliest Peoples from the West
The Old Uyghur Agama Fragments


Cultural Change and Continuity in Central Asia (1992)
Situating the Uyghurs Between China and Central Asia (2007)
Islam in Politics in Russia and Central Asia
Kashgar Revisited: Uyghur Studies in Memory of Ambassador Gunnar Jarring
Eurasian Crossroads
The Uyghur Community: Diaspora, Identity and Geopolitics
Language, Education and Uyghur Identity in Urban Xinjiang
Devastating Blows: Religious Repression of Uighurs in Xinjiang
On the Fringes of the Harmonious Society: Tibetans and Uyghurs in Socialist China
The Uyghur Lobby


Uyghurs Proverbs and Sayings
The Making of a Musical Canon in Chinese Central Asia: The Uyghur Twelve Muqam
Intimate Heritage: Creating Uyghur Muqam Song in Xinjiang
Down a Narrow Road: Identity and Masculinity in a Uyghur Community in Xinjiang China
Living Shrines of Uyghur China


Jewher Ilham: A Uyghur’s Fight to Free Her Father
Dragon Fighter: One Woman’s Epic Struggle for Peace With China
Uyghurs: Prisoners in Paradise
The Land Drenched in Tears


Introduction to Uyghur Poetry
Uyghur Poetry Reader
Uyghurland: The Furthest Exile
Voix de femmes. Anthologie Poèmes et photographies du monde entier


Drinking and Driving in Urumqi
Journey to Turkistan (1937)
News from Tartary: An Epic Journey Across Central Asia


The Vine Basket
Factory Girl
Uyghur Folklore And Legend
Uighur Stories from Along the Silk Road




Academic Papers



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