Uyghur Update ending

This post is just to say I will be stopping the Uyghur Updates. They started as a way for me to wrap my head around what was happening to the Uyghur world both in East Turkistan and in the diaspora. In the year since I started it, I believe I have achieved my personal goal... Continue Reading →

Uyghur Update: May 2018

A monthly update... a late monthly update... in my defense there's been a lot of coverage in the media lately...   In the Uyghur Region Forced Marriage Uyghur women are being coerced into marriages with Han Chinese. If they refuse, they and their families may be detained or sent to re-education. This has been covered... Continue Reading →

Uyghur Update: April 30th – 6th May

May 5th is International Doppa Day! Here's a nice little video explaining different types of doppa. Here's the link to the infographic featured above.   In the Uyghur Region Security Navigating Xinjiang’s security checkpoints by Darren Byler speaks of one researcher's recent experiences with the many security checkpoints. The last paragraph gave me chills. Some... Continue Reading →

Uyghur Update: April

I thought I would be back much sooner but things got a little crazy. I've started a new job, I've attended 2 weddings and 2 large protests, my grandfather passed away, inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'oon, and I've generally been running around a lot organising small projects. So we'll see how that goes. But... Continue Reading →

How to Pronounce Uyghur?

Ever wondered how Uyghur is pronounced? Ever wondered who Uyghurs are? This was a fun and educational project run by POET, or People of East Turkistan, a group of Uyghur youth in Adelaide, Australia who ran a stall in a local festival to pose these questions to curious passersby. Participants also got pictures wearing the... Continue Reading →

me update

I don't think I will be able to post an Uyghur update for a while considering how busy these next couple of months are going to be. I'm finishing my Masters insha Allah (so much to do, so much to write) and I am also helping out with some of the protests and events happening... Continue Reading →

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