A First Farewell (Tunji Ayrilish) (2018)

Plot: Isa Yasan is a Muslim boy from the countryside in Xinjiang, China. His mother was left deaf and mute from meningitis, and she frequently wanders away from home. Isa loves his mother deeply, and is torn among taking care of her, going to school and doing farm work. He is friends with a lively... Continue Reading →

Qirliq Istakan – The Crystal Glass

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dy6edxdxuSw From the description in the Youtube video: The film is based on the novel of Memtimin Hoshur, one of the leading writers of modern Uyghur literature. [Background] As Sunni Muslims, Uyghurs have been rejected all types of alcoholic beverages for a millennium. However, following the increased influence of China in Chinese Turkistan since the... Continue Reading →

Diamond in the Dunes (2009)

Diamond in the Dunes (2009) Director: Christopher Rufo Country: USA Language: Uighur | Mandarin Release Date: 10 August 2014 (USA) Production Co: Documentary Foundation Series: Global Voices Watch for free: Documentary Foundation Description: The true story of hope and baseball in China’s Xinjiang Province — a region harshly divided between an indigenous Muslim minority and the... Continue Reading →

Bogha: The Donkey-Pad

Another film by Saipulla Mutellip I thought I should share. Information from this website: (Saipulla Mutallip, 2016, Hong Kong, 70 min, in Uyghur w/ English subtitles, Color, DVD)  Muhter is a good boy. He helps his father pushing his hawker’s cart in the morning before school. In the afternoon he helps his mother with the baby.... Continue Reading →

Qarangghu Tagh: The Villages Afar

I was recently alerted to this documentary called Qarangghu Tagh by Saipulla Mutellip. It was nominated for a Hong Kong Documentary Award. I don't know much about it but I did find an explanation on this website: This is the first known independent Uyghur documentary for public screening by a native Uyghur film maker about... Continue Reading →

A List of Short Movies

I have come across some really random videos while looking for all the links on this blog, so here are some that don't quite fit a criteria but are interesting nonetheless. I have included the organisations or schools that have funded each project to give an idea of the sort of information inside it (e.g.... Continue Reading →

Hard To Believe (2016)

A film about organ harvesting in China. On one hand I would like to watch it, on the other hand I don't know if I could stand the horror it will discuss. I was always good with gore and such in films, but that's exactly why - the horror was just a film, fake. This... Continue Reading →

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