Print and Power in the Communist Borderlands: The Rise of Uyghur National Culture (2019)

Freeman, Joshua L. 2019. Print and Power in the Communist Borderlands: The Rise of Uyghur National Culture. Doctoral dissertation, Harvard University, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Link Abstract This dissertation demonstrates that socialist cultural policies, implemented in Chinese and Soviet Central Asia in the middle decades of the twentieth century, enabled Turkic Muslim intellectuals... Continue Reading →

Oral Traditions and Epics of Central Asia

By UNESCO and ICHCAP - PDF Foreword The Silk Road, which acted as a conduit between civilizations in the past, is once again coming under the spotlight within UNESCO as well as the international community as a practical means to resolve the clash of civilizations and to advance the rapprochement of cultures. Along with this... Continue Reading →

The Ili Rebellion: Muslim Challenge to Chinese Authority in Xingjiang, 1944-49 (1989)

By Linda K Benson Summary In 1944 Moslem forces in China's westernmost province of Xinjiang rose against the Chinese authorities and succeeded in establishing a small independent Islamic state - the East Turkestan Republic. Based on newly available archival material, this book describes the Moslem challenge to Chinese rule and documents the Nationalist government's response... Continue Reading →

Language, Education and Uyghur Identity in Urban Xinjiang

Edited by Joanne Smith Finley and Xiaowei Zang Summary  This book explores the relationship between language, education and identity among the urban Uyghurs of contemporary Xinjiang. Primordialism, a concept put forward by early anthropologists, refers to the tendency of human beings to attribute power to certain shared givens, such as perceived origins, language, territory or... Continue Reading →

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