Ana Yurt 1: Chapter 1 e

“Assalamu alaikum!” greeted Nuri, placing a hand on his chest and bowing slightly. “Waalaykum assalam wabar-kataha!” responded the Imam, somewhat rising from his seat. “Waalaykum, come my child!” responded Mira Qazi, also moving a little, “Wow, may Allah protect you...” “You’ve arrived? Come to the board!” said Mukhtar Bay, gesturing to the row of village... Continue Reading →

Ana Yurt 1: Chapter 1 d

“Who is he, huh? Is he our Ziyak’s[1] son?” “Yes, that's the boy, Mukhtar Bay,” the steward of the mosque responded, with sudden enthusiasm. “Ziyak is sending his son to study in the city. He says he wants him to become a scholar like Mesud effendi or Rahimjan. The first educated person from our village... Continue Reading →

Ana Yurt 1: Chapter 1 c

“Enough!” cried Hashim Pochi[1], a small man with big eyes, “you said he was tall and moustachioed? That’s definitely Amat Oghri[2]!” “No, this is definitely Sapar Oghri!” “Gheni Oghri, definitely. You say he’s tall, who else other than Gheni? There’s no one taller than him in this area.” “No, Gheni won’t go near the houses... Continue Reading →

Ana Yurt 1: Chapter 1 b

The single house on the southern side of the village was situated amongst the orchards near the stream and had high walls and secure gates. The owner was a miserly man who did not often socialise with the community. The lady of the house was also strange – she wore her soiled red mata [1]... Continue Reading →

Ana Yurt 1: Chapter 1 a

I like to translate stuff in my spare time but obviously I don't know if it's any good, so I thought I'd start uploading some of it here for people to comment on. This little project started out to help me improve my Uyghurche but it might be interesting for other people. So, I'll be... Continue Reading →

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