So what’s your poetry about?

A couple of times this week, I've been asked what sort of poetry I write. In the spur of the moment I told them that I write about the politics, human rights, identity... that stuff. But to be honest, that has been a very recent occurance. When I first started writing poetry I wrote for... Continue Reading →

tfw you can’t express yourself

It has occurred to me that I can’t not express myself. I need a physical outlet to pour out my thoughts and feelings. They are the rainwater to my rain tank and lord I am overflowing. Take my waters to distant soil and let me water plants anew. Let them grow and become something I... Continue Reading →

A Contemplation

“And I just hope you know That if you say / goodbye today / I’d ask you to be true ‘Coz the hardest part of this is leaving you. ‘Coz the hardest part of this is leaving you…”   The song was stuck in her head. Today was the third day. A week of happenings... Continue Reading →

a mini rant and many tangents

From Uyghur Update 17th - 25th November: A Pakistani journalist wrote a little bit on the life of Uyghur people in Urumchi. It doesn't really say much except that not all Uyghurs feel oppressed, no one really talks about politics, and Pakistani visitors are welcomed by security. I guess it is important to see that... Continue Reading →

my poem was translated

So part two of my interview with RFA came out today. I haven't listened to it because I really don't want to, however I did click on the links (Uyghur)(latin script) and, gosh, maybe I really should have provided them with my own picture lol. Anyway, I read it and was surprised to see that... Continue Reading →


I just remembered a small incident I had a couple weeks back. My friend and I had gone to a film screening. We were sitting in our assigned seats when some older woman and her husband came and told me I was sitting in her seat. She showed me her online ticket, and I showed... Continue Reading →

Me, a poet?

I was published in my university's literary journal this week! It was pretty exciting because it had a bit to do with Uyghurs so I felt like I was raising a little more awareness. Plus, I won the poetry prize, which means more people would read it and my poem was the first one in... Continue Reading →

I wrote for another blog.

I wrote this little piece comparing China's hold on Uyghurs to Mother Gothel's hold on Rapunzel in Disney's Tangled and it was published today, a month later, on UHRP's blog. A lot has happened since then so it is a little bit out of date already, but I thought it would be neat to throw in... Continue Reading →

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