Sensory Integration in the Whisker Pathway

This was the last major assignment I had to do for my bachelor's degree and I received a HD! It is an annotated bibliography (11 papers) with a short summary: Summary  The reading topic to be covered in this assignment was “sensory integration in the whisker pathway”. This encompasses how information from the sensory system is... Continue Reading →

Thinking in Another Language

There is this phenomenon I may have talked about before, where people who speak different languages also tend to think in different ways. I've watched documentaries on this and I may have even studied this at some point. Perhaps due to culture, perhaps due to the way the language is structured, either way, it is... Continue Reading →

neural adaptation vs constant stimulus

Did you know that photoreceptors are attached to the cells IN FRONT of them, so they are always ‘seeing’ the cells. The reason as to why you can't actually see them is because your brain erases all the things that are constant in your visual field. When presented with a constant stimulus, your brain decides it’s not... Continue Reading →

On Agar Cultures

In class today we were told how scientists around 200 years ago figured out that plating cultures on agar was the best way to go. They had wanted to use gelatin, except sometimes you need to grow things at body temperature and gelatin is almost liquid at that point, which isn't ideal for cultures. The scientist returns home one day... Continue Reading →

Why Do You Get Thirsty?

...because there is an increase plasma osmolality or a decrease in plasma volume. Taking up extra salt decreases blood volume as more water is pulled out from the surrounding fluid (because salt is in the extracellular fluid and is increasing osmolality), and arterial pressure increases. When arterial pressure increases, more fluid with more Na+ passes... Continue Reading →

retinal afterimage and distance

Retinal afterimages are so cool. Basically, your visual system is an active process. For example, a small object close to you and a large object far away can have the same retinal image size. How then do you know that the two images are in fact different from one another? Because of distance and depth... Continue Reading →

The Dark Triad of Personality

This is an essay I wrote for first year psychology at uni. It argues that the components of the 'Dark Triad' (narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy) should be evaluated separately because they are separate things. I haven't edited it since I've gotten it back from my tutor, so this is basically what a Distinction essay looks like at... Continue Reading →

3 Benefits of Chocolate

The most important thing I learnt from this human physiology course I've just completed is this: three reasons why you should eat chocolate! 1. Phenylethylamine - this is a chemical in chocolate that releases endorphins in the body. Endorphins are naturally occurring opioids, and opioids are things that reduce pain and make you happy 2. Tryptophan -... Continue Reading →

Chocolate and trp

  Today in biology we learnt about the mechanisms of positive and negative feedback loops in regulating transcription. In particular, we learnt about tryptophan (trp) operons. The trp operon uses negative feedback and basically encodes the enzyme for the biosynthesis of tryptophan. This doesn't happen if you already have tryptophan, which can happen two ways: either your body... Continue Reading →

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