Confessions of a Jade Lord

by Alat Asem (Gheyret Asim)


Confessions of a Jade Lord immerses us in an underworld peopled by gangsters with their penchant for firewater-fueled storytelling and philosophical reverie, appetite for Uyghur delicacies such as lagman hand-pulled noodles and whole roasted lamb, fierce loyalty to family and aghines, and a willingness to unsheathe their daggers when honor, brotherhood or jade require.

^^ “aghines” as in friends in Uyghurche lol!

It’s interesting that in the book cover, the Uyghurche reads “Waqitning Pinhan Yuzi” which means “The Hidden Face of Time”. This… this is my genre… my jam…

This book was written in Chinese and translated into English! Have a look through the links in this blog (by the translator) to find out where to buy it, read an excerpt, some background, the translation process, interviews, and more translated works of this author. I read some of the interviews and I’m really excited to read a story that is at once about Uyghurs but not about Uyghurs, right? It’s about an Uyghur person, not the Uyghur people. Also, I’m not sure why I never thought of looking for Uyghur literature written in a non-Uyghur language. Of course modern Uyghur writers write in Chinese! I am buying this book immediately!


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