Social Structure in Zordun Sabir’s Anayurt Novel

Ersöz, D. ZORDUN SABİR’İN ANAYURT ROMANINDA SOSYAL YAPI. Uluslararası Uygur Araştırmaları Dergisi, (9), 41-51. Link


Zordun Sabir, who is one of the important representatives of Contemporary Uyghur Literature, has accomplished great success with his works in terms of language and literary style. He has shown himself in many kinds of literature and has been awarded various awards both at home and abroad. He did not ignore the social structure of the Uyghur community while giving psychological assessments in the novels and stories he wrote out of real events. In this study; it will be examined how the social structure of Uyghur society between Russia and China is revealed during the national struggle that took place in 1940’s year, which is mentioned in the novel of Zordun Sabir’s Anayurt. Thus, the causes and consequences of the distortions in the social structure that emerged in the literary plane will be better understood.


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