Ilya Bakhtiya’s Role in Uyghur Poetry

Rozieva, Dilfuza. “Ilya Bakhtiya’s Role in Uygur Poetry.” Middle East Journal of Scientific Research 20.2 (2014): 144-48. doi: 10.5829/idosi.mejsr.2014.20.02.21053 PDF


Uyghur literature is a part of great Turkic literature, when we research Uyghur literature we have to remember there are two main parts of it, one is Xinjang Uyghur literature, another is Kazakhstani Uyghur literature, so Ilya Bakhtiya is a representative of Kazakhstani Uyghur literature. He is the poet of 20th century with not only Soviet ideology but also with strong, humanistic characteristics and he is a national Uyghur poet, who is popular not only for the period of his lifetime, but also for all Kazakhstani Uighurs from 7 till 70. Many of his poems know by heart all Uighurs which underline his popularity and his style, language simple and outstanding for many generations


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