Qirliq Istakan – The Crystal Glass

From the description in the Youtube video:

The film is based on the novel of Memtimin Hoshur, one of the leading writers of modern Uyghur literature.

[Background] As Sunni Muslims, Uyghurs have been rejected all types of alcoholic beverages for a millennium. However, following the increased influence of China in Chinese Turkistan since the late 19th century, particularly after the establishment of the PRC in 1949, alcoholism and alcohol abuse become one of the major social issues in Xinjiang. As a result, it has caused not only serious financial and family problems, but also unexpected social disorders. The film describes one of such events as a comedy.

This is one of the first Uyghur movies I watched as a kid and remains in my memories as one of the funniest films I’ve seen, along with Sarang and Alimjan Bolumsiz. To be fair, most other Uyghur films were incredibly depressing (except for maybe Kechikip Echilghan Gul?). I suppose I did not really understand the social messages it was trying to impart but I am really glad Mr Kurban Niyaz decided to put English subtitles on this video.


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