Ana Yurt 1: Chapter 1 a

I like to translate stuff in my spare time but obviously I don’t know if it’s any good, so I thought I’d start uploading some of it here for people to comment on. This little project started out to help me improve my Uyghurche but it might be interesting for other people.

So, I’ll be posting sections of Ana Yurt whenever I get the time. Here’s a PDF to the Uyghurche. Enjoy.


Chapter 1


It was a moonlit night. An exclamation of this sort was unheard of in this small village of twenty-nine families. The people here were more accustomed to the sound of the athaan, of music, the neigh of horses, the bellows of oxen, the barks of dogs, and the hoots of owls in dark orchards, be they in their houses, their yards, or at their front doors, calmly listening as they lazed about. By midnight the village was silent, the livestock asleep, and the only sounds came from the never-ending song of the stream that ran through the middle of town, gushing in extolations of nature. The low houses stood connected through the rammed-earth enclosures of the orchards so there were no houses with adjoining roofs. The livestock, geese, and chickens slept in front of their owners’ homes and neither a stern voice nor crude mannerism existed here to scare them; this was the general happy and peaceful state of the village.


The frightened cry threw the village into a frenzy; all at once the town dogs barked furiously on to the streets, the roosters began to crow, the cows mooed, the horses neighed, and the lights flickered on in homes of flustered people who walked onto the streets in their flimsy nightgowns.

“Who is shouting?” the villagers wondered as they ran towards the source of the sound on the other side of the village.

“Whoa whoa, it’s like we had an earthquake!”

“More like we were struck by lightning…”

“Or a tsunami…”


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