a ramble that didn’t fit in an Instagram post

What’s on my mind? I wish people would realise modern Uyghurs are not direct descendants of the old Uyghur Empire (they are one of our ancestors but not the only one, and anyway it was a confederation of different peoples). I also wish people would see that the Chinese communist party failed to implement communism and did not “free” Uyghurs or Tibetans from evil landlords but instead have been making things worse as the years go by, that the fact that some Uyghurs consented to Mao doesn’t mean current Uyghurs think it was a great idea (also, how do they complain about “white saviours” and argue against those who say British colonialism was “good for the natives” and then turn around and say China saved us from evil people when, actually, Uyghurs and Tibetans should have been able to save ourselves from our own corrupt systems and we didn’t need a Chinese or communist saviour to come and rule over us and steal our land and systematically destroy our language and culture and rewrite our history?). I wish people would see that the current situation is more important to deal with than historical issues anyway, that intense security/surveillance and the imprisonment of over a million people is not “saving millions from the brink of civil war” (and fact check: we were not about to turn into “China’s Syria” by anyone’s standard). I don’t understand how they don’t believe western-backed orgs and media (that are informed by UYGHUR people! That Uyghurs have been relentlessly talking to for decades! Why trust the Chinese govt over Uyghur people just because the only avenue of speech we have is through foreign media?) but wholeheartedly trust and believe the Chinese government even though they’ve never lived there or have any personal connection to it – skepticism is good, but you should have it for all states and orgs, not just ones you don’t like. I don’t understand how they “know” most people living in ET or Tibet have nothing against the CCP when they’ve never conducted a survey, and anyway the CCP would lock you up if you said you had bad feelings towards them 🤦🏻‍♀️. Yeah just the stuff in my head this morning 😪

PS. Oh and one more – I despise those socialists and whatnot on the left who extol Mao Zedong and Stalin like they weren’t responsible for more deaths than the holocaust. Yeah, Marxism, communism, socialism – fascinating stuff, I would probably like it better if we had more of that (and I lean left for the most part). Modern China is NOT that, Mao failed, the cultural revolution was a disaster, Russia and China are effectively authoritarian dictatorships, please stop jerking off to Karl’s beard, it’s illegal in China now, and if you were living there, you would be in prison because free political speech and journalism does not exist anymore.

PPS. And for those that say the West shouldn’t meddle in China’s business, first of all us Uyghurs and Tibetans and others are ASKING them to meddle, secondly China is part of the UN and the UN was MADE to meddle, and thirdly China would be hypocritical af asking others to stay out of their affairs considering the sheer amount of meddling they do in other countries’ affairs.


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