Uyghur Update: April 30th – 6th May

May 5th is International Doppa Day! Here’s a nice little video explaining different types of doppa. Here’s the link to the infographic featured above.


In the Uyghur Region


Navigating Xinjiang’s security checkpoints by Darren Byler speaks of one researcher’s recent experiences with the many security checkpoints. The last paragraph gave me chills.

Some data on how many Uyghurs are being detained in re-education, although the number is probably higher now: Twitter. More stats and stories on “successfully re-educated” people: Twitter, Twitter

More news of Kazakh and Uyghur people being imprisoned: ChinaAid. Here is a photo of a girl from a protest whose father is in re-education: TET.

A bit worrying — Erik Prince has set up a private security training school in East Turkistan, which will presumably help oppress Uyghur people: Washington Post

More on hacking by the Chinese government: ars technica


On state-controlled media, propaganda and mind control: RFA


A paper on agricultural policies: Future Directions

China on bioethics: Foreign Policy

A summary of how China is “afraid of its ethnic minorities”: Axios



May 3rd was World Press Freedom Day: WUC

There was a protest in Canberra in front of the Egyptian embassy. You can read the open letter here: Facebook, video


Here are the proceedings of the conference in the Hudson Institute about the police state:



Outside of Politics

A summary of modern Uyghur history by Rian Thum: Oxford Research Encyclopedias

On Old Uyghur history and how they withstood drought through trade: The Atlantic

The BizUyghurlar blog, which started out in Russian, now has an English section! They have a lot of interesting articles on Uyghurs, Uyghur culture and history, as well as current events and op-eds by readers.

Uyghur culture was celebrated in Sydney, Australia at the SSI community kitchen: Facebook

Uyghur Akademiye hosted a meeting of academics and students while celebrating Doppa Day and conducting the 3rd conference for the discussion and commemoration of Uyghur intellects: Facebook, Facebook

Cycling to Kashgar with Eleanor Moseman. Follow her Instagram for some amazing stories and photos of her travels.


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