Cultural Change and Continuity in Central Asia (1992)

Edited by Shirin Akiner

This book is about Central Asia in general, but there are a few chapters on Uyghurs (and the other chapters sound really interesting anyway). You can read part of the book on Google Books.


Central Asia has undergone dramatic material and cultural change in this century. Traditional Muslim societies have come under socialist rule and been forced to adapt to new political and economic systems. The emancipation of women, the introduction of universal education and the immigration of large numbers of foreigners into the region are some of the factors that have contributed to the new face of Central Asia.

However, the old ways have not been obliterated. In some cases a synthesis has been achieved between old and new, in others the old survives alongside the new. There has been change, but there is also continuity. This is vividly illustrated in such fields as literature, music, dress and family life.

This collection of nineteen studies by international scholars from a wide variety of disciplines explores themes connected with popular Islam, the role of ritual in family life and linguistic and cultural change. The majority of the studies concentrate on Soviet Central Asia, but some are concerned with cultural change in Afghanistan and Xinjiang.



1 Zaynab and Aman: Love and Women’s Liberation in the 1930s, a Story Poem Hamid Alimjan, David C Montgomery
2 Uighur Literature: The Antecedents, Eden Naby
3 A Late Piece of Nazira or A Symbol Making its Way through Early Uzbek Poetry, Ingeborg Baldauf
4 Religious Themes in the Novels of Chingiz Aitmatov, Irena Jeziorska
5 Script Changes in Xinjiang, Ildiko Beller-Hann
6 Census and Sociology: Evaluating the Language Situation in Soviet Central Asia, Simon Crisp
7 Russian Language Teaching Policy in Soviet Central Asia 1958-86, J M Kirkwood
8 Ritualism of Family Life in Soviet Central Asia: The Sunnat (Circumcision), Ewa A Chylinski
9 Professional Beliefs and Rituals among Craftsmen in Central Asia: Genetic and Functional Interpretation, C Jasiewicz
10 Women and Power: A Perspective on Marriage among Durrani Pashtuns of Afghan Turkistan, Nancy Tapper
11 Golden Tent-Pegs: Settlement and Change among Nomads in Afghan Turkistan, Richard Tapper
12 Ethnic Games in Xinjiang: Anthropological Approaches, C M Hann
13 Continuity and Modernity in the Costume of the Muslims of Central Asia, Jennifer M Scarce
14 Musical Change in Herat during the Twentieth Century, John Baily
15 Tradition and Change in Central Asian Architecture Today,  F Ashrafi
16 The Baha’i Community of Ashkhabad, Its Social Basis and Importance in Baha’i History,  M Momen
17 Islam in China: Western Studies,  Jacques Waardenburg
18 Change and Tradition in Eighteenth-century Kazakhstan: The Dynastic Factor, Alan Bodger
19 The Role of the Hui Muslims (Tungans) in Republican Sinkiang, Andrew D W Forbes


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