Moved on! From Kashgar to Kashmir (1935)

Moved on! From Kashgar to Kashmir (1935)
By Pavel Stepanovich Nazaroff



Paul Nazaroff (Pavel Stepanovich Nazarov) (died 1942) was a Russian geologist and writer who was caught up in the Russian Revolution, and became the leader of a plot to overthrow Bolshevik rule in Central Asia.

He was born in Orenburg about 1890, the son of the local mayor and mine owner. He qualified as a geologist at the University of Moscow. In August 1918 he was living openly at Tashkent under the local Soviet, while aiding both White and British Forces in Central Asia with information and assistance to help forestall the spread of Bolshevik power in the region. Arrested by the CHEKA in October 1918, he was one of the main organisers of a coup which temporarily overthrew the Tashkent Soviet on 6 January 1919, and incidentally freed him from prison. This was defeated when the railway workers changed sides when they learned that the new government was royalist and reactionary. Nazaroff himself managed to evade the pursuing Bolsheviks and escaped through the mountains to Kashgar in China in early 1920, as he tells in his book Hunted Through Central Asia.


Pavel Nazaroff travels from Kashgar, through the Kuen Lun and Karakoram mountains and on to Srinagar, Kashmir in the early 1930s, and describes the people and places he visited.


You can read an introduction and bit of the book on Google Books or here. All the terms used are quite old (as the book was published decades ago) but it looks like it’ll be interesting, or at least fun to read.


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