The Turkic World in Mahmud Al-Kashgari

Golden, P. B. (2015). THE TURKIC WORLD IN MAHMÛD AL-KÂSHGHARÎ. Complexity of Inter Action along the Eurasian Steppe Zone in The First Millennium CE/ed by J. Bemmann, M. Schmauder.–Bonn: Vor-und Frühgeschichtliche Archäologie Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, 503-555. Link


The author uses Mahmud Al-Kashgari’s writings to discuss the Turkic world and “Turk”. He also mentions that Mahmud Al-Kahgari “…makes a number of pointed comments about his ancestral town [Kashgar] and its populace, including the remark that they are “the worst of people” (bodun yawuzı Barsğân;Kâšγarî/Dankoff 1982–85, I, 331; II, 217).” which I thought was hilarious because of course lmao.

He also discusses some of Kashgari’s life and family which is really interesting. It talks pretty extensively on Uyghurs and Qarakhans and Qarluqs and all the other Turkic people who may(?) all be ancestors of modern-day Uyghurs based mostly on locality. The author also refers to the eastern half of the Qarakhan empire as Eastern Turkestan which is nice.


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