Uyghur Diaspora and Internet

Reyhan, D. (2012). Uyghur Diaspora and Internet. HTTP:< http://www. e-diasporas. fr/wp/reyhan. html> Link



While some do not hesitate to call the dispersed Uyghur community a diaspora, other researchers are still skeptical as to the relevance of this denomination. Since the 90s, Uyghurs have not only managed to create interconnected international organizations in countries where they are installed, but have also re-connected with their country of origin thanks especially to the Internet. The Uyghur diaspora is still under construction, and the Web is an integral part of this process. Their Web diaspora contains more Web sites than blogs, while the case is reversed in the Uyghur region. The content of Web sites in the Uyghur region and in the diaspora is very diverse, but a clear difference emerges: those in the diaspora are highly political, while sites in the region are more self-censuring than ever before. Religious sites have their place in the diaspora while they are poorly tolerated in China. Countries where there is a strong Uyghur population do not necessarily offer the most developed digital spaces, but more depends on migrants’ socio-professional category. As a young population sensitive to ICT, Uyghurs are putting together a classical diaspora as well as a digital diaspora.


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