Uyghur Poetry Reader

Uyghur Poetry Reader
By Nicholas Kontovas & Gulnisa Nazarova


The purpose of this work is to introduce high-intermediate and advanced students of the Uyghur language to a small selection of Modern Uyghur poetry. By now, these students should already have an idea of the importance of poetry as a genre in the Modern Uyghur literary repertoire. As an expression of the poet’s internal world as constructed and cultivated by the external world in which he or she lives, the poetry of a person provides a unique window into the environment in which the poem was written. The subtlety of poetic language — either published in journals or circulated in song — has been and continues to be used among Uyghurs as a way of preserving and promoting their cultural and literary heritage in environments which at times have made it difficult to do so more explicitly. In recent years, the increasing availability of Internet access in Xinjiang and in Uyghur communities abroad has provided unprecedented space for these poems to expand in terms of readership, despite strict censorship of artistic production by the government of the People’s Republic of China.

This book will introduce short poems by six Uyghur poets, with reproductions of the original Uyghur texts, translations into English, vocabulary lists and grammar notes for words and grammatical structures (respectively) deemed beyond the mid-intermediate level.


This book features poetry from Abdurehim Otkur (Iz, Bahar Chillaymen, Khejle Kha-inlar Khejle), Teyipjan Ilyov (Jengchi Akamgha, Togimes Naxsha), Dolqun Yasin (Heslirim), Muhemmetjan Reshidin (He Dep Qoy, Yashisun), Kuresh Kosen (Yerni Satmanglar, Salam Denglar Weten’ge, Kuresh Olmeydu), and Yasin Mexsun (Zerikish).


This… is… so… good… T_T


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