Ibrahim’s story

Clark, W. (2011). Ibrahim’s story. Asian Ethnicity12(2), 203-219. Link


The article details the personal and professional life of Ibrahim Muti’i (1920–2010), a well-known Uighur linguist. Through a series of interviews, Mr. Muti’i sketched the events he wanted to be remembered. Mr. Muti’i’s life story corresponds with many of the significant events in Northwest China both in the Republican era (1911–1949) and the first decades of the People’s Republic of China era.


Really interesting narratives of what it was like for an Uyghur intellectual during times of great change. I honestly can’t even describe how much information there is, every paragraph is a wealth of memory and I am so glad this guy wrote down Muti’i’s story. There’s even a part where he casually recounts how Khoja Niyaz Haji was killed. It’s fascinating to look back on the choices everyone made in their times and see, in hindsight, how we were given no good choices for the future… whether you supported ETR or GMD or PRC… even though Muti’i says that it is peaceful in 1996. I wonder what he thought of 1997? Things have been getting worse since then…


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