Islam in Politics in Russia and Central Asia

Islam in Politics in Russia and Central Asia
By Stéphane A. Dudoignon & Komatso Hisao

This book contains the proceedings of the third international workshop held by Unit 1 of the Islamic Area Studies Project (IASP). The “Islam in Politics in Russia and Central Asia” workshop was held in Tokyo on October 13-14, 1999 with 13 panelists from all over the world. Part two contains information about East Turkistan. The contents of the book are as follows:

Part One: Community Building in the Russian Dar al-Harb

State Policy and its Impact on the Formation of a Muslim Identity in the Volga-Urals
Christian Noack

The Tatar Ratusha of Kazan: National Self-Administration in Autocratic Russia, 1781-1855
Ramil Khayrutdinov

Status, Strategies and Discourses of a Muslim “Clergy” under a Christian Law: Polemics about the Collection of the Zakat in Late Imperial Russia
Stephane A. Dudoignon

Part Two: Towards a Restoration of the Dar al-Islam? State Building in the Twentieth Century Muslim Central Asia

Two Attempts at Building a Qazaq State: The Revolt of 1916 and the Alash Movement
Uyama Tomohiko

When Faizulla Khojaev Decided to be an Uzbek
Obiya Chika

The Sufi Networks in Southern Xinjiang During the Republican Regime (1911-1949): An Overview
Thierry Zarcone

The Eastern Turkistan Republic (1933-1934) in Historical Perspective
Shinmen Yasushi

Part Three: The Role of Religious (ulama) and the Literati (udaba)

Bukhara and Istanbul: A Consideration about the Background of the Munazara
Komatsu Hisao

Islam and Politics in Twentieth Century Uzbek Literature
Nairn Karimov

Muhammadjan Hindustani (1892-1989) and the Beginning of the “Great Schism” among the Muslims of Uzbekistan
Backtiyar Babadjanov & Muzaffar Kamilov

The Islamic Clergy in Tajikistan since the End of the Soviet Period
Parviz Mullojonov

Part Four: Contemporary Issues Islam and Political Mobilization, from Tajikistan to the Suburbs of Moscow

A Surmountable Summit? Islam in Contemporary Qyrghyzstan: Its Role and Significance for the Individuals, the Society, and the State
Irina Kostyukova

Official and Unofficial Islam in Contemporary Tatarstan: Islam’s Position in Tatar Society and the Emergence of an Independent Islamic Theoretical Perspective
Rafyq Mohammatshin

Islam and Politics in Russia in the 1990s
Aleksei Malashenko

Islam in the Ferghana Valley: Challenges for New States
John Schoeberlein



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