Uyghurs: Prisoners in Paradise

Uyghurs: Prisoners in Paradise
By Hasna D. Turner

This non-fiction book recounts the compelling plight of four Uyghurs from central Asia who fled the grueling oppression of communist China only to be caught in the crossfire of the U.S. led “War on Terror.”

Their attempt to immigrate into Turkey derails as they are captured as a bounty offer in Afghanistan and turned into the U.S. military for reward money by local tribesmen. Ultimately, this resulted in their false imprisonment within the notorious U.S. detention center in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

Moreover, after seven years of being indefinite ‘detainees,’ and overcoming unimaginable obstacles while in captivity, their prayers begging for freedom were finally answered. Subsequently, they were released to the remote, mid-Atlantic subtropical island of Bermuda. And despite their new found freedom in a paradise that American author, Mark Twain, once referred to as “superior to heaven”, they are stateless and stranded to this day, now remaining as ‘prisoners in paradise.’


This book is by 16-year-old Hasna Turner, a Bermudian schoolgirl, with the assistance of Luke Hansen, an American-based editor. It is about the Uyghurs who are living in Bermuda after being moved from Guantanamo Bay. “…The group has since been fighting legally to earn passports for themselves and their children, and Hasna said that all of the proceeds from the book sales will go towards those legal costs.” It was published just this year – amazing.


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