Bogha: The Donkey-Pad

Another film by Saipulla Mutellip I thought I should share. Information from this website:

(Saipulla Mutallip, 2016, Hong Kong, 70 min, in Uyghur w/ English subtitles, Color, DVD) 

Muhter is a good boy. He helps his father pushing his hawker’s cart in the morning before school. In the afternoon he helps his mother with the baby. His only vice is ice-lollipops. One day while he is taking his grandmother home, he finds a donkey-pad which he sells to finance his purchase of a lot of ice-lollipops. However, life becomes complicated for Muhter…

Bogha is adapted from a short-story of the same title by the Uyghur writer Memtimin Hoshur.

Memtimin Hoshur is a pretty famous author. Not listed on his Wikipedia page is “Qirliq Istakan” which was turned into a movie that I consider a classic. I will probably post a separate blog on that movie, actually. In any case, based on his previous works, I assume Bogha would also be some sort of social commentary – something I will always enjoy. However, this film seems to be more elusive than Qarangghu Tagh so, again, not sure where I would be able to get my hands on it. If anyone knows, please hmu!



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