I just remembered a small incident I had a couple weeks back. My friend and I had gone to a film screening. We were sitting in our assigned seats when some older woman and her husband came and told me I was sitting in her seat. She showed me her online ticket, and I showed her the paper tickets we had just bought. There were plenty of seats so I didn’t know why she was making such a fuss, but I just thought it would all be solved if my friend and I moved up a seat. It didn’t really matter to me, and this lady was making a big deal out of nothing. I said something must have gone wrong with the system but it should be fine if we all had seats.

A couple minutes later, another older woman came and claimed the husband was sitting in her seat. She had the ticket to prove it. I looked over and explained that my ticket also seemed to have been double-booked. But no, this lady was ready to fight. She was already putting on her aggressive stance. The couple were also being incredibly stubborn about being correct. I just watched. I had not wanted to fight them because old people are always super stubborn and these people sounded like they always got their way. Plus, I have never really cared about assigned seats in theatres. Oh, but they argued lol. Maybe that’s why their ancestors managed to colonise the world. In the end, it turned out the couple were in the wrong theatre, so they left. I just laughed at the situation and took my original seat. The lady who had won her seat back looked at me and asked if they had taken my seat too. I said yes, and she huffed and said, “it’s all computerised – there couldn’t have been a mistake in the system.” She sounded pretty annoyed. I just agreed with whatever she was saying to calm her down then settled in for the movie.

Should I have argued with the couple? I was clearly in the right – I knew that myself. I assumed the older couple were just confused. However, if I had let them sit there, they would have been watching the wrong movie. I was just avoiding conflict because I am a very non-confrontational person. I went straight for the compromise rather than arguing my case. They would have lost, ultimately (watching the wrong movie), and my decision would not have been helpful to them. To be fair, I wouldn’t have wanted to help them, and when they left after realising they were wrong I would have thought it served them right lol. Why should I help them when they insist on being wrong? Not my problem. Let them learn from their mistakes.

But my very non-confrontational attitude… this may lead me to problems in the future. I think I’m gonna have to check myself.



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