Ketmeydu (Persistence)

I found out that they arrested Abdurehim Heyt. As of now there are no charges and it has been 5 months. As I was listening to his songs I decided to translate this song of his.


Music: Abdurehim Heyt
Lyrics: Imin Tursun

Qutluq qanlar tamghan yerler köchüp ketmeydu
Otluk tendin aqqan terler qurup ketmeydu
Til deshnemdin toyghan erler chöchüp ketmeydu
Ghuwa shamdin chiqqan nurlar yorup ketmeydu

Tuzaq bilen yash bulbullar ölüp ketmeydu
Aldam bilen sap köngüller külüp ketmeydu
Üzüsh bilen ghunche güller solup ketmeydu
Depsesh bilen bu bagh chöller bolup ketmeydu

Zulum qamcha salghan izler yütüp ketmeydu
Aldamchigha bizning eller pütüp ketmeydu
Chughundekni emdi güller kütüp ketmeydu
Ilim oyghan tehi gizler ötüp ketmeydu.


My Translation:


The lands where dripped our blessed blood will never immigrate
The sweat which dripped from our burning souls will not evaporate
Men adapted to censure and reproach will not fear nor hesitate
The rays of light from a setting sun will never illuminate

Young nightingales will not die out due to traps and tricks
A naive heart will not stop to laugh due to lies and deception
The flower buds will not stop blooming once they have been picked
These gardens will not desertify for being crushed and flattened

Scars left from cruel whippings will not simply fade
Our people will not be fooled by a lying fake
Now the flowers will not wait for the chughundek*
Awaken, my people, these cracks won’t dissipate


*Chughundek is translated as a type of insect or a type of bird so I am not sure how to translate it, but it is a name of some sort of animal that eats flowers, so.


I also found this translation by Rahima Mahmut which helped:

The precious bloodstained earth won’t go away,
The pouring sweat from the hot soul won’t dry,
Brutality won’t shock men who are adapted to cruelty,
Rays of the sunset cannot brighten the sky.

Sorrow cannot kill the little nightingales
Lies cannot make the untainted heart laugh,
Flowers cannot become extinct from picking them,
Gardens cannot disappear because they are trodden down,

Scars left from cruel whipping cannot fade away,
Crooks cannot fool our people,
Flowers won’t succumb to insects that would destroy them,
The cracks in the earth will not close, wake up my nation.


…as well as some Turkish translations online, which I understood through Google translate.

Anyway, the poem is one that describes how we will not disappear because of some setback or crisis, and that we will learn from our history to continue fighting to stay alive. Insha Allah, Heyt and all the other innocent Uyghurs in prison or detention will be freed soon. Freedom for East Turkestan!


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