Floating Above Chaos

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I am a star floating in chaos
I am
Dipped in moonlight and
Descended from the heavens as flesh
Knowledgable of the chthonic;
I am a deep sea diver and desert dune surfer of economic calamity
In a world that trumps love with greed and
Lumps altruism with selfishness.
I am of materialism yet unbothered by narcissism.
I am depressed as innocent blood is spilled on shores of hope
And guns shoot education to death.
I am high on the wings of drones that bring internet instead of indigence.
I am the floors that soak in scents of those who walk over me
To leave a receipt in the pages of history.
I am the atmosphere that circles the earth;
affected yet surviving the cataclysms of humanity,
unbound yet involved by the nature of my being.
I am the bonsai honed by hands of my own choosing.
I am the sands that weather tsunamis,
crushed yet carried,
riding the churning waves unhurried, unworried, unbroken.
I am a star
Afloat, undrowned, awaiting my own addition to


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