A List of Short Movies

I have come across some really random videos while looking for all the links on this blog, so here are some that don’t quite fit a criteria but are interesting nonetheless. I have included the organisations or schools that have funded each project to give an idea of the sort of information inside it (e.g. Chinese propaganda), so keep that in mind while watching. Enjoy.

University of the Arts London, London College of Communication
An Uyghur Odyssey (2009) A simple tale – we pick up three Uyghur musicians on their way to play a 24 hour long song. 

The Uyghurs (2013) Stef Hoffer: [this video] gives an impression of the traditions and remaining culture I encountered while traveling through the region. There are images of Kashgar, Hotan and smaller villages in the area.

Xinjiang Art Institute with the Committee Propaganda Department of Chinese Communist Party, Yecheng County
The Edge of the Bazaar (2015) This short Uyghur language film (English and Chinese subtitles) by student filmmakers Dilmurat Tohti and Abdukadirjan Upur follows the lives of three craftsmen (a mat-maker, spoon-maker, and salt seller) who live at the margins of a small town in the south of Kashgar prefecture called Qaghaliq.

Rahime (2015) a short film by Mukaddas Mijit. “In this particular time of human history, where cultural heritages, morality and brotherhood have been humiliated; a grandmother from a remote place sends a message of peace, respect and generosity.”

University of Hawaii: National Resource Centre for East Asia, National Foreign Language Resource Centre. Funded by the US Department of Education, Confucius Institute, and the PRC Ministry of Education
Xinjiang, Kashgar – Uyghur Muslim China ئۇيغۇر‎ an interview with a local on various Uyghur and Muslim customs


Send me suggestions for more if you know of any.


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