Uyghur Update: 18th – 26th June

This week’s news summary comes a little late as I was travelling back home and celebrating Ayam and Eid! Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating!

So first up, a really extensive analysis of the policies affecting Uyghur lives: In China’s far west the ‘perfect police state’ is emerging. It begins with the author’s account of an anti-terror rally before going into the policy analysis, so it’s pretty cool. Another analysis on China’s policies on minorities analysed Uyghurs a lot more that I thought it would, surprisingly. It ends with a note saying that China needs to stabilise the Uyghur region before it can remake its dream Silk Road: China Has Not Won the Heart of its Minorities.

The Daily Mail, UCA News, BBC, and SBS Australia picked up on the news of China’s Ramadan restrictions and fining of people who were fasting during Ramadan.

Mongolian, Tibetan, and Uyghur activists spoke to the News Lens about the suppression we face under Chinese rule. An article was published outlining some of the reasons why Uyhurs are under so much pressure from ChinaPropaganda and repression was highlighted in an article concerning Tibet by Human Rights Watch.

China is restricting travel for Kazakh people now. Khazak people with Chinese passports and Kazakhstan PR cards were told to hand in their papers for “safe keeping”, and many are not being allowed to travel to Kazakhstan to visit family and such. Passports seem to have been returned but there are still a lot of concerns surrounding these policies. Kazakh people have been arrested for having close ties with certain groups of Uyghur people.

From personal accounts, the situation for Uyghurs has gotten so bad that even mentioning that the police have taken away someone is considered an offense punishable by the government. You have to wonder, for a country that is so censored and closed off, the fact that we know this much about what is happening there is a little worrying… as if we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. And if this is the tip of the iceberg then I fear knowing what lies under the opaqueness.

It was World Refugee Day on the 19th so UHRP wrote a press release about the Uyghur refugee situation. The World Uyghur Congress also released a report highlighting the issues faced by Uyghur refugees and asylum seekers.

An interesting report summarising the problems in Eurasia: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Eurasia? – it speaks in context of the BRI stuff I wrote about in the last two summaries, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, and uses Uyghurs as an example of instability in China. It also brings up the contradiction of China’s “non-intervention” strategies in other countries and China’s need to protect its assets as it moves into other countries through economic routes. But another article was published analysing why the West still treads so carefully around China. And another concerning the geopolitics behind Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Not really sure why this was being circulated on the Uyghur interwebs, but here’s a profile on some Italian entrepreneur that paints a disheartening picture of wealthy support for China’s strict internet policing policies. I know I am quite left on the political spectrum but I really do not understand why regular citizens would want to restrict information the way China does.

A video showing the Chinese UN Human Rights Council delegation’s response to last week’s statement on behalf of the Society for Threatened Peoples on religious suppression of Uyghurs. Suffice to say it was a hilarious joke.

An article came out questioning the ethics of the methods used to acquire DNA information in China, and another one about China’s “national renewal”.

A roundtable was held, organised by the International Campaign for Tibet and discussing counter-terrorism tactics in China that effect both Tibetans and Uyghurs.

The Chinese Embassy in Ankara organized a conference titled “The Situation of Ethnic Groups and Religions in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in China” on June 20 which basically said that all the bad news coverage about Uyghur human rights abuses were lies and that Erdogan know about the “real” situation lol. Speaking of which, China met with Erdogan to talk about OBOR.

I discovered we have an International Journal of Uyghur Research or Uluslararası Uygur Araştırmaları Dergisi – their new volume was just published and includes research articles such as Gulbakhrem Molotova’s Concepts of Archaic Structure on History and Culture (On the samples named “Divanü Lügâti’t-Türk” written by Kaşgarlı Mahmut) or Abduveli Ayup’s Abdulhaluk Problems in the Study About Uighur. I should probably create a different post about it under the ‘Academic’ tab.

On a final, more lighthearted note, I found this site that lists all the Uyghur restaurants “around the world” in case you were craving some of the good stuff. A new Uyghur restaurant is opening up in East Cambridge, MA and that photo of somen is just… a really good photo…


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