The Qarakhanids’ Eastern Exchange: Preliminary Notes On The Silk Roads In The Eleventh And Twelfth Centuries

Michal Biran, 2015 [Link]

Despite the recent spike in Silk Road research, the period from the tenth to the twelfth century is often overlooked. Even recent studies, such as Liu Xinru’s “The Silk Road in World History” (2010, 110–111) or Christopher Beckwith’s voluminous “Empires of the Silk Roads” (2008, 165–175) dedicate only a few pages to this timespan. Squeezed in between the halcyon days of the Tang-Abbasid exchange and Mongol dominion, encumbered by political fragmentation, and sorely lacking in documentation, the years between the tenth and twelfth centuries indeed constitute one of the most neglected periods in the history of the Silk Roads.


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