Uyghurs in the News

The Uyghurs have been featured in some longer news segments, press conferences, and interviews so I thought I would make a list of some of them that are available online. This will be updated as I gather more. Feel free to suggest some in the comments!

Al Jazeera:
Rebiya Kadeer (2010) One on One
Chinese Uighurs: Separatism vs Terrorism? (2014) Inside Story
Why Does China Care So Much About The Uyghurs? (2014) AJ+
Uighurs in the Firing Line in China? (2015) Inside Story 
Unrest in China’s Xinjiang Region (2015) The Stream

ABC Australia
Rebiya Kadeer Press Conference ABC ROFA

ABC America
Xinjiang: Bob Woodruff’s Journey Inside Alleged ISIS Breeding Ground (2016) ABC News Features

Amnesty International
Rebiya Kadeer: Working for the rights of Uyghurs in China (2011) [press conference]

China province where ‘walls have ears’ (2015)
The Uighur pop star trying to build bridges (2017)
‘No beards, no veils’: Uighur life in China’s Xinjiang (2017)
China Xinjiang police state: Fear and resentment (2018)

Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan (2017) [press conference]
Rebiya Kadeer: “Trump’s Impact on China and Uyghur Rights”
Rebiya Kadeer: President of World Uyghur Congress
Kadeer & Tumturk: “The businesswoman and activist elaborates on the plight of her people”

Foreign Exchange
Uyghurs in Guantanamo Bay pt 1 (2009) Interview with Nury Turkel
Uyghurs in Guantanamo Bay pt 2 (2009)

The National Press Club
East Turkistan Government in Exile Press Conference in parts: 123456789101112131415

Radio Free Asia
Heavy Security for Trial of Uyghur Scholar (2014)
Uyghur Scholar Gets Life Sentence for ‘Separatism’ (2014)
Boy’s Death Highlights Plight of Uyghur Detainees in Thailand (2015)
Oppressed in Their Own Homeland (2018)

Uyghurs in Paradise (2009) Dateline
Worlds Collide: Australian band showcases international sounds at Sydney festival (2016)

Interview at the European Parliament on the Case of Ilham Tohti and Human Rights Violations in China

Wall Street Journal
Ethnic Violence In Xinjiang Leaves 140 Dead (2009) pt 2
China’s Relations With Uighurs Worsen Under Xi (2014)
Life Inside China’s Total Surveillance State (2017)

Rebiya Kadeer – The Birth of a “Thousand Mothers” (2010) Oslo Freedom Forum [press conference]


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