Panels & Conferences

The Uyghur issue has been presented on a few panels and conferences so I have listed some that are available for viewing. Will be updated regularly. Please comment if I have missed any!

Annual Interethnic Interfaith Conference
Rebiya Kadeer & Alim Seytoff (2012)
Zubayra Shamseden (2015)
(2017) 1, 2, 3, 4 Zubayra Shamseden

Australian National University (2016)
China, Xinjiang and the Roots of Uyghur Separatism and Terrorism
China’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy in Action: The Case of Xinjiang
Uyghur Terrorism and a Fractured Middle East
China’s Approach to Counter-terrorism: Policies and Implications
Uyghur Terrorism and South Asia: Beijing’s Emerging ‘Af-Pak’ dilemma?
South East Asia and Uyghur Terrorism

Central Asia Program (2015)
Conference Opening
The Policy Debate On the Uyghur Issue Marlene Laruelle, Sean R. Roberts, Michael Dillon, Gardner Bovington, Henryk Szadziewski, Kilic Kanat
Gardner Bovingdon, “New Minzu Policies in Search of Appropriate Problems”
Rachel Harris, “Reflections on the Uyghur Meshrep”
Sean Roberts, “Uyghurstan is Where the Home is”
Remi Castets, “Uyghur Islam and State Control Policies in Xinjiang”
Nathan Light, “Uyghur Social Networking and Chinese Censorship”
Kilic Kanat, “Diversionary Strategy of the PRC”
Stanley Toops, “Demography of the Uyghur”
Erkin Emet, “Uyghur and Chinese Language”
Jean-Paul Loubes, “Transformation of the Oasis Cities in Xinjiang: Kashgar”
Arienne Dwyer, “Diasporic Uyghur Language”
Dinara Dubrovskaia, “Qing Dynasty and Uyghurs”
Joanne Smith Finley, “The ‘National Partner Assistance Programme'”
Aleksandr Kadyrbaev, “Uyghurs in the Mongol empires”
Yuliy Drobyshev, “Features of Interrelations between the Uyghur Khanate and China”
Guzel Maitdinova, “Uyghur Diaspora in Tajikistan”
Liudmila Chvyr, “Uyghur ethnocultural interactions in the 19th century”

(Here is the full program and I am pretty sad they did not upload all of the talks because they sound fascinating)

East Turkistan Government-In-Exile (2015)
The Fate of the Muslim Uyghurs under the Occupation of China Aydin Anwar
East Turkistan Awareness Conference Dr Anwar Hajjaj, Imam Taalib Abdul-Samad, Imam Ali Siddiqui, Khateeb Azzam Abdelkarim, Dr Esam Omeish, Anwar Omeish, Dr Jeannette Hablullah, Dr. Souheil Ghannouchi, Hayder Mir, Altan Erg, PM Anwar Yusuf Turani

EURAC Annual Minority Rights Lecture (2009)
Rebiya Kadeer on her imprisonement and her life in the United States

The Hudson Institute
Chinese Repression and Uyghur Militancy at Eurasia’s Crossroads (2017) Yang Jianli, Kilic Kanat, Sean Roberts and Eric Brown
China’s Police State in Xinjiang (2018) James Millward, Louisa Greve, Sarah Cook and Rian Thum. Moderator: Eric Brown.

International Conference on Uyghur Studies History, Culture, and Society
1st Conference (2014) Washington DC, USA
2nd Conference (2015) Brussels, Belgium
3rd Conference (2016) Zvenigorod, Russia

International Campaign for Tibet
Counter-Terrorism in China discussing both Tibetans and Uyghurs: Mr. Jayadeva Ranade, President of the Indian Centre for China Analysis and Strategy; Ms. Sharon Hom, Executive Director of Human Rights in China; Mr. Kelsang Gyaltsen, Special Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Europe; Ms. Ursula Gauthier, former Correspondent of the French newspaper NouvelObs in Beijing: Ms. Joëlle Hivonnet from the China Division of the European External Action Service; Gabriel Lafitte, Australian researcher and environmentalist; Jessica Carl, Political Officer at US Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Geneva; Garrie van Pinxteren, Sinologist and Senior visiting fellow at the Clingendael Institute; Dolkun Isa, Executive Chairman of the World Uyghur Congress; and Kate Saunders, ICT’s Communications and Research Director. 

The International Film Festival and Forum for Human Rights (FIFDH)
Uyghurs, An Identity Denied (2015) Co-presented with Le Temps and Rue89. Speakers: Rebiya Kadeer, A/Prof Rémi Castets, Dr Bordeaux Montaigne. Moderator: Pierre Haski. 

Kanada Torontodiki Sherqiy Turkistan Medeniyet Merkizi
The Prospects and Challenges of East Turkistan National Movement (2014) (International Conference): Ahmatjan Osman, Canadian MP, Rev. Majed El Shafie, MP for Tibetan Parliament in Exile, Ahmet Igemberdi

46th Annual Mid-Atlantic Region Association for Asian Studies Conference (MARAAS)
Drexel University (2017)
Challenges and New Opportunities in Uyghur Education
Chair: Rebecca Clothey, Drexel University
1. Mettursun Beydulla, Independent Scholar, “Education Among Uyghurs at Home and in the Diaspora: Past, Present and Future Prospects”
2. Selime Kemal, Australian Uyghur Language School, “Following our Forefather’s Footsteps: A Wave of Opening Schools (1985–2005)”
3. Abdulhamit Karahan, Uyghur Academy, Turkey, “Activities of Uyghur Academy and its Impact on Diaspora Uyghurs”
4. Rushan Abbas, Campaign for Uyghurs, “Maintaining Uyghur Language Consistency”

Uyghur Mother Tongue Transmission Across Generations
Chair: Erkin Sidik, NASA Jet Proportion Laboratory
1. Eset Sulayman, Radio Free Asia, “Uyghur Mother Tongue Education and the Generation Gap in the Uyghur Diaspora Communities in the West”
2. Tahir Imin, Independent Scholar, “A Struggling Identity of New Generation between Politicised Compulsory Education and Uyghur National Education through Private Schools and Childrearing”
3. Zubayra Shemseden, Uyghur Human Rights Project, “Challenges of Language Transmission Among Uyghur Children Living Abroad”
4. Irade Kashgary, Ana Care and Education, USA, “Preserving a Mother Tongue: Experiences of an Uyghur Language School in America”

National Endowment for Democracy (NED)
Panel I – Can Anyone Hear Us? Voices from the 2009 Unrest in Urumchi Dr. Sophie Richardson, Clothilde Le Coz, Brian Joseph (moderator), Henryk Szadziewski, Amy Reger
Panel II: Can Anyone Hear Us? Voices from the 2009 Unrest in Urumchi Dr. Sophie Richardson, Dr. Yang Jianli, Dr. Dru Gladney, Louisa Greve (Moderator), Hans Hogrefe, Kara Abramson, Bhuchung Tsering
60 Years under the People’s Republic of China – Past, Present and Future (2011) in conjunction with World Uyghur Congress – Speakers: Rebiya Kadeer (World Uyghur Congress), Carl Gershman (NED), Marino Busdachin (UNPO)
The Future of Uyghur-Han Relations in China: A Dialogue in conjunction with Uyghur American Association and Laogai Research Foundation. Speakers: Nury Turkel, Dr. Sean Roberts, Dr. David Dahai Yu, Louisa Greve, Amy Reger

University of Washington (2009)
Xinjiang: Behind the Violence
“Han-Uyghur Ethnic Strife in China: What We Know, and the Role of Information Controls in the 2009 Events” James Millward, Georgetown University
“Finding the Point: a Critical Reading of Contentious Politics in Urumchi” Gardner Bovingdon, Indiana University
“Chinese Demographic Politics and Language Policy in Xinjiang: Language as a Core Value of Uyghur Ethnic Identity ” Talant Mawkanuli, University of Washington
“Looking East from Turkey” Resat Kasaba, University of Washington

2017 Uyghur Youth Advocacy Training: Adile AnwarŁukasz NiparkoNur Ezvance AydinRizwana Ilham, Camilla AnayatPeter IrwinDolkun IsaNury TurkelZubayra Shamseden
Forbidden to Move, Forbidden to Pray: the Plight of the Uyghurs in China (2017) Mr Hanno Schedler, Mr Nury Turkel, Mr Peter Irwin, Prof. Dr. Ekrem Arikoglu, Ms Zubayra Shamseden & Ms Nicole Mogret, Mr Erkin Emet, Mr Vincent Metten, Mr Dolkun Isa

Uyghur Religious Freedom Panel (UHRP)
Welcome Address by Alim Seytoff
Opening Remarks from Scott Flipse
UHRP’s Report “Sacred Right Defiled”
Expert Perspectives on the UHRP Report


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