A List of Short Documentaries

The Uyghur issue and various human interest stories have been featured in some short news documentaries over the years. This will be updated as I gather more. Feel free to suggest some in the comments!

Al Jazeera:
The Uighurs: External Exile (2014) Documentary Film by Mostafa Bouazzaoui
The Guantanamo 22 (2015) the film is no longer available but you can still read the story

ABC Australia:
The Uighur Dilemma (2009) by Stephen McDonnell, Journeyman Pictures/Foreign Correspondent
Crackdown (2014) by Stephen McDonnell, Journeyman Pictures/Foreign Correspondent
Uyghur Guantanamo Prisoners Palau Journeyman Pictures

Amnesty International
The Uyghur Issue (2012)
Ilham Tohti – Write for Rights (2016)

The Weaver of the Uyghur Ethnic Community (2016) BBC 4, Handmade on the Silk Road

Channel 4 News
China’s Hidden War (1997) After Ghulja Massacre – really sad to see how little has changed since this was made

China Change
Ilham Tohti (2015)

Martin Ennals Award
Ilham Tohti – Martin Ennals Award Laureate (2016)
Martin Ennals Award Ceremony (2016)

National Geographic
Lost in China: Silk Road (2010) a 6-part series by the Hutchens Brothers

The Nomadic Professor
EAST TURKESTAN: Who are the Uyghurs (and where’s their country?)? (2018)

PEN America
Ilham Tohti: 2014 PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award Winner

Who are the Uyghur? (2015) Spirit of Asia
The Uyghur People under China’s Shade (2015) Spirit of Asia
The Uighurs: Silk Road Survivors (2015) Our World
China’s Wild West (2011) Current, Vanguard
Exploration of Sea Mysteries Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Tourism Administration & Xinjiang Television



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