Tying Knots

I remember feeling, as a kid, a certain frustration over the lack of control I had over my body. Not in a societal sense, but in a physical sense; I would try to do something that logically should not have been too difficult, but would end up with a mess of knots and tangles. Whereas now I can easily tie a double knot on a string, I have vivid memories of simply not being able to, and then of learning how to, and then of figuring out through trial and error the easiest and most efficient way to. The logic I had first established only came to fruition after years of trial. Perhaps tying knots isn’t the most effortful endeavour, but it did take time. Over the years however, as I built up an arsenal of simple mechanical skills, it became easier to learn more complex tasks. Now, I can probably learn a manual task a lot faster than 5 year old me. My brain has developed its fine motor skills area and I also have the basics down. It is easier to learn a new skill if it is networked to other skills. But building this network and honing the areas of the brain that are required for these types of work took a while, and it’s funny to remember the feeling of not being able to do something so easy. I guess it is important to remember that not everything so obvious and logical can be executed at whim; time and effort are required, unfortunately. Even for things like “critical thinking” or creative writing or coming up with ideas. It all takes practice and trial and error. I wonder where we’ll be in the next 10 years?


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