Our Titillating Twenties


A friend of mine just got accepted to university! I am very happy for her. All of us are at such different stages of life right now, despite being around the same age. It’s so weird. One is trying to decide between a prestigious job in the UK or UAE, another is just finishing an undergrad while another has a job but does not know what to do with their life. One is getting married while another is having a child, one has never been in a relationship and the other has had their heart broken too many times. Someone works hours trying to get tips to cover college expenses, or works for a couple of years before getting into college, while others are collecting degrees, doing a double degree, working and studying at the same time in different cities, starting their own businesses, being their own bosses, or trying to buy their second house. I have classmates who have travelled the world and built schools for disadvantaged communities and I have classmates who have never left home, focusing instead on their families. Our 20’s are so variable and I want to remind everyone and myself that every person’s life and path is valid and unique. We do not have to compete; we all have our stories and our timing will not be the same.


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