Old Songs and Memories

Musical head2

There are some songs that come attached with memories. Perhaps you listened to the song with a person, perhaps someone introduced the song to you. The worst is if the person introduced a singer or band – that’s albums worth of stuff right there. Sometimes it’s a song that accompanied you while you were doing something specific. I had this one song on repeat while playing racing games so now when I listen to it I just remember racing.

There was another song that I used to have set as my alarm clock in Yr 12. It reminds me of dark mornings in the winter, hoping for a snow day, mouth dry from an overheated apartment yet still feeling the chill of a school morning, separated by thin brick and plaster. It reminds me of my warm quilt on sky blue sheets, the only sources of light my phone’s alarm and the reflection of yesterday’s snow outside the window. There is a memory of eating last night’s leftovers for breakfast, trying not to wake anyone, a hush that falls in that winter warmth, round tastes in my mouth. Preparing to face the bone chilling wind outside. Perhaps a gulp of hot tea, with the strange aftertaste of 2% milk. The cold, green grey seats of a silent school bus that sometimes played the radio as the sun began to rise through a sheen of cloud and mist. Everyone asleep, or trying to read pale notes in weak, hampered light. And then it’s the thrash or screamo music my friend would listen to, no words necessary, just handing me one earphone as we settle in to prepare for another day at school.


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