I received a text earlier that asked me a question that took me by surprise. I am not too sure why it surprised me, but it was just unexpected enough for me to be at loss for an answer that wasn’t a laugh. It was one of those moments that made you look into your future without planning to. It was like I was suddenly pulled into the future and then rapidly shoved back, everything still blurry and white and blue, with a vague sensation of knowing something but really not. One of those moments that reminds you that there is a whole different life waiting ahead of you. Of course, you know that life is flowing and things will be changing the whole time. You plan for this future. You work now so that this future is more fruitful. But they are simply thoughts that you have; you go through them logically or nervously or not at all. It is not often where you just feel the enormity of time. There is this vastness that you are stepping into every breath you take. I suppose it is like not noticing the air you walk in until the temperature and the wind is just right and you can feel the warmth hugging you. Like putting your hand it water that is exactly room temperature. I was not planning on feeling my entire life flash through me today but alas, it is the strangest of triggers that move us.


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