Craving Home


I wrote another poem. It’s not perfect and the syllables are off but yeah. Thanks Faz for the first line.

I woke up several times today, but my body’s craving home
Left inside my memories, my dreams where I belong
Can’t help myself, my head’s a mess, though I have to carry on
Just five more minutes in this bed for my tired, aching soul

Can’t buy myself another day, can’t stop and turn back time
I’d rather go a different way, but instead I toe this line
I have no money, I have no hope, but habit helps me through
One day this job will be complete and I’ll go back home to you

I know what I want, I know what I need, I know what I have to do
Just let me sleep in just a little, my bed is my refuge
I close my eyes and I’m happier, it’s 7 am and it’s cold
Create an artificial atmosphere for the memory of my home


Writing it here makes it sound more depressing than it’s meant to be? In my head it was more of a song… like a country song, for some reason. Maybe I should write a chorus and actually turn it into one!


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