Writing Your Story?


Are there people who write out their stories? Some people work. They study, they find a partner, they get a job, get married, have kids, live. Unique and generalised all at the very same time. Another unique DNA sequence creating another piece of track for that everlasting railroad.

Are there people who look at their lives as if it were a story, planning out how it will be, playing a push and pull game with destiny, believing they control it, believing a greater power controls it, believing in everything and nothing, working, working, working towards greatness, hoping for happiness, wanting contentment — but not really. Working towards a final end goal but not really. Are there people whose plans change while doing this… who look over what has happened already and realise there needs to be a new character in their lives… who look back and see that they need to replace one character with one that is a little different. Then add a dash of backstory here, a dab of triumph here, some sadness to spiral into, a hint of depression, the plunge into darkness, the slow climb upwards, the eventual glory, from sh*t to sunshine, the eventual downfall into either cruising and boredom or disaster. Flatlining either way. Do they look at their lives and think yes, I need a confidant, a remember-er, someone to write down my inner thoughts… someone to keep track of me, keep track of my life, put me back on the right track, at times… or nudge me in the general direction when I am falling.

Do they plan this? I suppose it’s already planned.


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