Yeah, the world is full of deceit
World’s jaded so much
Only cracks now, in the atmosphere
Like Nothing holds a grudge

Yeah, the world is on repeat
A repeat that changes its players
Different song, same meaning
Different books with the same reading

No, we aren’t pessimistic
Though a lot are into realism
We believe that the world will get better
The doctors will save the world

No, we do love to fight
Apparently it’s human nature
Everyone burns with rage
It’s the nature of the fire that changes
For each person

Maybe this love and justice
These abstract terms
Were made so that
People will believe in themselves
And fight their demons

Maybe this hate and rage was
Given names so that
People could identify the evil
And fight it

Or not.

Identification really is nothing
They only create channels
Channels through which our mind can use
To develop feelings
Into non-abstractions
Avoid distractions

Words won’t help though
Neither will pointless emotions,
chemicals, nerves

So what does?

Some say action
But we haven’t given a word yet to this new feeling
Of winning
Because we haven’t experienced it yet

And meanwhile,
Mistrust rules the world…



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